Why should I use CMS Plone?

A valid list of topics to convince you to choose Plone.

The multi-year experience of our working group convinced us to use Plone for many reasons:


1. it is a winner solution for big web sites with collaborative environment with macro area of interest and many collaborators that may work over the site with limitation depending on the roles assigned to them.


2. the simplicity of the multi-language interface makes possible to optimize the indexing of the site even on oriental directories and search engines.


3. this last solution is also very versatile for small and medium size sites thanks to the possibility of integration of translated pages with important tools like: forum, chat, news, e-commerce, on line auction and so on.


4. it is ideal for the management of Web Communities and for the databases built by the Community itself with a powerful internal search engine.


5. the indexing of sites made by Plone is really effective and efficient.


6. possibility for the automatic uploading of new content by RSS data feed tool.


7. moving from an old site to a new one based upon Plone implies to move to a better platform that allows to support agile development.




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