Search engine optimization. What is it? What's it for?

In this concept you may find different activities with the same aim: to increase visibility and consequently increase the visits on our web pages.


What you commonly find on the web are answers about how to subscribe to your site, both for free and not, to an infinitive number of search engines, links to ring of banners that promise to bring visitors and so on...


We believe in the importance of having a structured site awarded by the biggest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Baidu...) just for having been built itself in the respect of the latest technological requests.


Another important thing is the content ("content is king") which is better if original and pertinent in the whole site.


We offer a semantic revision of the words included in the main pages of the customer in relation with the most searched terms for a specific field on the search engines. The analysis is based on the search engines' interrogation data to have specific statistics about which words are more used by web surfers and which words we have to use and which ones not, for our customers' purpose. The improvement of the results, obviously, can be monitored step by step through the weeks.


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